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Rotary flexographic press F-500

Laser label rotary machineLaser labels printing machine

The rotary flexographic press F-500 is the suitable model for labels printing in DIN4 and DIN5. It stands out for its speed and the variety of possibility for sheets cut.

Rotary flexographic press machine F-500 can be mounted with flexography units of closed chamber to print both label and the support. In the die cutting unit we have several options to satisfy the needs of the job.

To cover our customer's work diversity we have developed multiple solutions for the exit of the sheets:

  • Table non-stop stacker, of 720mm per package
  • Table stacker for the exit of packages of 100 sheets, 150 sheets, etc.
  • Table with staggered system to pile up packages
  • Carousel system to insert the packages sheet in the box.

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