Offset press printing machines

Notebooks printing machines

Notebook printing machines

Notebooks printing machines that IMER has developed are machines that will allow you to work at a high speed keeping the quality on the final impression.

Our machines can print with a width of 520mm, with a maximum format of 28”. We emphasize the ink battery designed by IMER, capable to printing with conventional offset ink and with U.V ultra violet offset ink. The quality of our ink battery guarantees an excellent finished printing.

Our rotary presses have a system of sheet exit provided with a suction table with braking system and stacker.

We can offer you rotary multireel machines so you can work with three sheets, turning it into the perfectl machine for notebooks printing.

All these services, plus our experience as manufactures of rotary presses, can let us to assure our machines will be able to cover all your needs at printing notebooks.

If you wish for more information, please contact us, we will contact your as soon as possible.

Notebooks printing machines: