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Mailing printing machines Mailing printing machines

IMER have developed several models of offset machines for mailing printing, covering up therefore all of ours costumers needs.

Our main requirements when manufacturing machines for mailing printing is to obtain a good quality and a high speed.

As press manufacturers we have bet for extensive rollers in battery, giving major contribution and diffusion to inks, consequently, a major quality is obtained on the final impression. Machines for mailing printing can work with conventional inks and with UV inks.

In order to fulfil these requirements IMER has designed their machines so they can be completed, if desired, with drying oven, battery rollers refrigeration, agitator ink fingers and hot air steam extractors.

To get glow and protection on the final impression we can offer you additional closed chambers flexographic units.

Ours rotary machines have combined exit with a rapid change of format: an exit with re-winder of 1270 mm in diameters and reel to sheet. Also, have a suction table with braking system and modular non-stops stacker .

If you need more information about our machines, please contact us and we will inform you.

Mailing printing offset machines: