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business form printing machines Máquinas imprimir formularios

We have being manufacturers of presses to print forms for more than 40 years, our demand and experience in the sector has provided us to reach a high degree in benefits and to develop our machines as multi-solutions machines.

We manufacturate modular machines, so customer can have machines adapted to their needs of work. IMER has designed machines so that the labour exchange can be fast and easy to do, using only few tools, obtaining always high quality print.

Among the solutions we can offer to press business form, we have multi-reels with collator modules up to three impressions, pre-gummed paper, numberings in line, ideal for checks and bank statements and copy statement.

Our rotary machines have also impression units for offset inks and flexographic inks, numbering unit, rings of punches, files, and perforation carried plate.

Exit of the form can be in fold up, or in reel up to 1270mm in diameter and exit of sheet with stacker table.
For the formulary printing, we also have auxiliary collator and assembly machines.

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Business form printing machines: